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Magento 2 Maintenance Service

The main idea behind this service is to allow you to care about things that matter, not about server uptime, email issue, reindex issues, security patches and other tasks checklist from development side.

Common List Of Maintenance Tasks

Server Health Care
Server software always updating, new security patches releasing and needs to be installed.
If something happen with Mysql, Elasticsearch or Redis it can lead to unpredictable behaviour.
Magento 2
Database Review
& Optimisations
When you are not carrying about database health then it can lead to:
Magento 2 Reindex failing each time you are running it or/and
Magento 2 product adds slow or your database size got too huge.
And then it's probably time to cleanup unnecessary data and optimize mysql tables.
Cleanup Server
From Unused Files
Pretty often when you managing products, there are some images can be left on disk
after product delete or images update. Also, there can be stored too much logs and reports
Better to keep it clean for performance and save more storage space.
Security Patches
Security Patches that Magento 2 releasing needs to be applied as soon as possible
after release as once patch release, hackers creating code that can use this vulnerability
in few days.
Cron Not Working
If Magento 2 Cron stop working it can lead to huge issues with reindexing and emails.
Logs Review
Pretty Important to keep an eye on messages that systems sends us to prevent your customers
and admins to see that errors. If some licence expired or some 3rd party service
stopped working, then better to know about it ASAP.

Maintenance & Support
Service Packages

  • 1.5 hours monthly included
  • Extra Support Priority: Low
  • 3 hours monthly included
  • Extra Support Priority: Medium
  • 5 hours monthly included
  • Extra Support Priority: Medium
  • 10 hours monthly included
  • Extra Support Priority: Medium
  • 25 hours monthly included
  • Extra Support Priority: High
  • 40+ hours monthly included
  • Extra price by request
  • Extra Support Priority: Very High

Maintenance Service Key Notes

  • Included hours will be used by processed as Very High priority
  • We can agree on weekly/daily time quote can be used and our specialists will care about your project by schedule not by support tickets
  • Hours over included in package will be processed as extra and support for these tickets will be managed by priority specified in package description
  • Update to next level package will be applied from next month
  • Unused hours in current month would be used to cover necessary things to check by checklist based on agreement. Unused hours after work by checklist will be expired completely by the end of the month.
  • Package period equal to calendar month (from 1st to last day of the month)
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