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Magento 2 Optimization Service

Low performance leads to higher server costs, worse conversion rate, lower organic search position, higher ads budget per customer, worse customer experience, slower orders processing and lot more negative facts.
We are here to help you avoid it

Optimization Service Workflow

Get From This



To This

How It Works

Website audit
You can get our page speed report for your website with full list of bottlenecks in your project.
We offer different performance report packages based on your needs.
This report include prioritized list of improvements needs to be done.
Specific of performance optimization is that there is no one common solution for all.
Each project unique and have it own strong and weak sides.
Sometimes you have to re-write some module from scratch to save money on servers,
support of them, page speed index increasing and reduce customers
leaving category or/and product page.
Sometimes it make sense just to disable unused functionality instead of spending time on it.

Our aim is to get your project to success, so this step sometimes hard but it's more strategic
to discuss unpleasant topics before spending resources without plan.
Tasks list
Based on performance improvements you want to get in result, we'll prepare list of tasks
to give you understanding of what we'll work on and timeframe to get all done.
Sandbox Q&A
We aware of downtimes.
Digits floating from store to store but each minute of downtime lead to
organic search position worsening, new/old/"hot" customers leaving without getting back,
administrators can not backend, so can not process orders, and so on, and so on.

We are doing all changes on sandbox that closed from web, so it would not affect anything.
After we'll made changes, we'll re-check metrics to see improvement results.
To Live
Once all done, we are updating live website with all changes, doing final Q&A and providing
you with result report.

Keep An Eye
On Performance
Performance metrics needs to be reviewed periodically.
Incorrect content management can decrease page loading speed.
Newly installed/updated extensions can break page speed performance dramatically.

Be aware of current key metrics.
Search engines changing key metrics: HTTP protocol, images format and compression,
using SPA, PWA, AMP, and much, much more. Metrics changing monthly, so,
been on top means working on it.
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